Proud to be Alternatives ~ Special Events Coordinator, creating a memorable event for your loved one.

Some families without any religious affiliation find that a formal funeral or memorial service feels out of sync with the deceased and themselves. And the recent trend toward “celebrations” can feel uncomfortably close to a “party” for some people. As a result, more families than ever know what they don’t want, and are left wondering what to do.

To address this situation, Alternatives created a completely new and unique service option: the Alternatives Event™.

Their Licensed Funeral Directors and Event Planners will design and present theme proposals to the family, and will preside over the order of service on your behalf.

The content of the Event will be customized for the family, and often held in a unique facility or location relevant to the deceased’s life. And here’s another key distinction: unlike most ceremonies at which attendees are merely spectators, an Alternatives Event™ encourages involvement and participation.

Building relationships is our mission and goal, creating that memorable day for you and your loved ones.

Customized Packages and options available

How we can help…..

We can enlist the following services on your behalf elevating your stress allowing you to focus on what really matters.

  • Our team will collaborate with many local facilities all over the Lower Mainland matching you event size and needs
  • Our team will be the direct point of contact to ensure all the details are facilitated
  • Organize the reception and Catering needs based on what best suits your taste and budget
  • Flowers and décor options
  • Handmade personal take home items, “please see pictures”
  • Oversee and assistance with Set-up & Tear Down Service
  • Our team can assist with creating Memorial Slide Show & Programs
  • Music options, and AV Equipment
  • Podiums & Event Rental needs
  • And much more.